Board of Directors

Lassen MUD is a municipal utility district, governed by an elected board of directors. The directors are elected to serve the utility by the people. The LMUD Board is elected at large by the voting public who reside within the LMUD boundaries; meaning that each voter in the district may vote for all of the directors to be elected.

Lassen Municipal Utility District is divided into five “wards”. Each ward has one representative or “board member.” Current Board members are, Ward 1 – Fred Nagel, Vice President; Ward 2 – H.W. “Bud” Bowden, Director; Ward 3 – Jess Urionaguena, Director; Ward 4 – Daren Hagata, President; Ward 5 – David Ernaga, Treasurer. Board members  serve a four year term; there is no limit to how many terms a board member may serve. Candidates for the LMUD board must reside and be registered to vote in the ward in which they are campaigning to represent. The board is the legislative body of the district. They determine the policies by which the district operates.

The LMUD Board of Directors meet the fourth Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm in the LMUD Board Room located at 65 S. Roop in Susanville. Board meetings are open to the public, and the public is always given the opportunity to comment on district business.

The members of our community, you, your friends and neighbors have a direct and powerful voice in utility decisions and policies, both at the ballot box and in open meetings where business in conducted. For information on how you can register to vote, contact the Lassen County Clerk/Recorders office at 251-8217.