Dixie Fire Threatens Westwood. LMUD Monitoring Current Situation

August 6, 11:15am

LMUD has restored power to the communities of Westwood and Coppervale. This may change if fire conditions change. We will update this news story if or when more information is available.

August 5, 6:15pm

In order to protect fire personnel and emergency responders, LMUD has been given an order to de-energize power lines to the communities of Westwood and Coppervale. This order will remain in place until further notice, or until fire officials give LMUD the all-clear. We will update this news story as more information becomes available.

August 5, 2021, 3:00pm

LMUD, in collaboration with local fire authorities, is monitoring the current Dixie fire situation that is threatening Westwood.

LMUD has personnel on call 24 hours a day. We stand ready to respond to emergencies as they arise. If fire threatens emergency and fire personnel, we will de-energize lines. At this time, LMUD has not de-energized lines to Westwood, or related facilities. This is a rapidly changing situation. LMUD will act upon the recommendation or requests of emergency personnel. We will update this post as information becomes available.