LMUD's Skedaddle Substation Project is underway. To learn more about how LMUD is working toward improving system reliability, click the "Read More" link.

Payments may still be made via our secured online bill pay. Outages, or customer service issues can be reported by calling 530-257-4174.

Due to a tree in the lines, the Lake Forest Area is without power. Crews are working on removing the tree and restoring power. Expected time of restoration is between 11am and 12pm today, 12/16/21.

Power has been restored to all LMUD customers with the exception of Lake Forest. Crews expect to have that area restored by 6pm.

LMUD is experiencing a system-wide outage. Crews responding at first light. Heavy snow, and extreme weather are believed to be the cause.

Due to downed trees on the transmission lines, power was interrupted to nearly all LMUD customers.

Power Restored in Lake Forest area after previous outage due to tree in line.