Automated Metering Infrastructure

Posted On: May 30, 2017

Within the next few weeks, Lassen Municipal Utility District will be upgrading meters for customers served by our Lambert and Westwood Substations – including, Westwood, Pinetown, Standish, Litchfield and Janesville. The upgrade will replace outdated meters with new meters that are compatible with LMUD’s meter reading program.

When the meter technician arrives, he will try to contact customers so you will know that the meter exchange is occurring. If you are not at home at the time, the technician will proceed with the change-out. You will receive a door hanger to let you know your new meter was installed.

Some of the meters that are being replaced utilize outdated technology that is no longer supported by the manufacturer. Other meters are being replace so that, eventually, LMUD will have the same meters throughout our service territory.

The new meters, known as TWACS – Two Way Automated Communication System – are capable of providing more accurate information than traditional meters. The information provided by the meter is transmitted to LMUD through the existing powerlines – the meters do not use “radio frequency.”

Some of the benefits include:

  • The meter is digital, secure and easier for you to interpret.
  • Remote reading eliminates misreads and estimated electricity bills.
  • Meter readers will rarely need to access your property.
  • Reduced utility vehicle usage and fuel consumption means environmental benefits and cost savings.
  • Some power outages may be restored faster due to greater meter communication capabilities.

If you have questions regarding the new meter, or would like more information, please contact LMUD’s Public Relations Manager at 530-257-4174.