General Service Demand Special Conditions

  1. Voltage: Service on this schedule will be supplied at the standard secondary voltage available. Where polyphase power is to be combined with single-phase, a 4-wire service will be supplied, either 120/240 volt, 120/208 volt, or 277/480 volt, whichever is available.
  2. A demand meter will be installed and connected to all service where billings for three consecutive months have exceeded 15,000 kWh and continued in service until the monthly usage has fallen below 10,000 kWh for 12 consecutive months, at which time the rate 1020 will apply, whereupon at the option of the company the meter may be removed and replaced with a non-demand meter.
  3. The billing demand will be the highest kilowatt load measured during the 15-minute period of maximum use during the month, to the nearest whole kilowatt.