Outdoor Area Lighting Service Special Conditions

  1. This service will be in accordance with District Electric Service Policy and utility specifications as to equipment, installation, maintenance, and operation. Maintenance will be performed as soon as practicable after notification of problem, subject to the utility's operating schedules. Credit for outages will not be given.
  2. This schedule is not applicable to municipal or other public lighting authorities for street lighting use.
  3. Area light will be relocated at the expense of the customer.
  4. Area lights installed on or along City, County, or State Highways will require approval from the appropriate agency having jurisdiction to ensure the light will not be a traffic hazard.
  5. Underground and overhead service will have a non-refundable conductor charge as outlined in the District's Electric Service Policy.
  6. If underground service is requested, the customer will provide trenching and backfill, including all costs for paving, conduit, and other related expenses where applicable.