Net Metering

Net Metering Special Conditions
  1. Interconnection Agreement. A current signed version of LMUD’s Interconnection and Purchase Agreement for Net Energy Metering between the customer-generator and LMUD is required to obtain service under this Schedule.
  2. Net Energy. Net energy is defined as ES minus EG, where ES is energy supplied by LMUD and EG is energy generated by the customer-generator and fed back into LMUD’s system when the customer's generation exceeds customer requirements. The components of net energy, ES and EG, shall be determined by the use of a single, non-demand, non-time-differentiated meter. All necessary labor, equipment, materials, and related facilities' costs in addition to, or in substitution of, LMUD’s standard facilities that are required in order to take and sell power through one meter socket will be at the customer-generator's expense.
    1. Net Energy Supplied (ES greater than EG). Net energy supplied occurs when the cumulative value of the net energy is positive over an entire billing period. The amount of net energy supplied will be billed at the customer-generator’s then applicable LMUD Rate Schedule.
    2. NET Energy Transmitted (ES less than EG). Net energy transmitted occurs when the cumulative value of net energy is negative over an entire billing period. Such net energy transmitted will be credited to the customer-generator’s account at the customer-generator’s then applicable LMUD Rate Schedule until an end-of-contract-year true-up, as described in Sections 3 and 4.
  3. Billing and Payment. The billing period to be used under this Schedule shall be the customary monthly billing period. Customers will be assigned to a NEM Rate Schedule corresponding to the Rate Schedule they would be served under if they were not NEM customers, as shown in the table below. All charges from the Normal (non-NEM) Rate Schedule shall continue to apply.
    Normal Rate Schedule Description NEM Rate Schedule
    1010 Residential SB 01-12
    1023 Residential SB 01-12
    1024 Residential SB 01-12
    1011 Residential SIR SD 01-12
    1020 Small Commercial (less than 50 kWh per year) PS 01-12
    1020 Commercial (50,000 or more kWh per year) PS 01-12
    1021 Small Commercial (less than 50 kWh per year) PD 01-12
    1021 Commercial SIR (50000 or more kWh per year PD 01-12
    1025 Large Commercial PL 01-12
    1026 Large Commercial SIR PR 01-12
    1030 Agricultural PA 01-12
    1070 Industrial PI 01-12
    1. Residential and small commercial customers (including residential and small commercial SIR) will receive a monthly statement of account showing the current month’s net energy supplied or net energy transmitted, plus other charges as specified in their respective rate schedules. All net energy supplied or net energy transmitted (plus other charges) shall be carried forward to the next month’s bill until the end of the contract year. No payment will be due until the end of the contract year, although the customer may pay any balance owed to LMUD at any time. At the end of each contract year, customers in these classes will be either (i) billed for net energy supplied over the course of the year as specified in their respective rate schedules (plus other charges), or (ii) credited for net energy transmitted to LMUD as described in Section 4 below.
    2. For customers not included in Section 3.a. above, the net balance of any money owed to the utility shall be paid in accordance with the normal monthly billing schedule. During any month in which the customer has a net balance of energy transmitted to the utility, this balance shall be carried forward as a credit to the next billing period. until the end of the contract year. If a credit remains at the end of the contract year, the customer will be credited as described in Section 4 below.
  4. Compensation for Annual Net Energy Transmitted. At the end of each contract year, LMUD will credit customers for any net energy transmitted to LMUD at a rate established by the LMUD Board of Directors specifically for this purpose. If this credit exceeds other charges incurred but not paid during the year, the customer may choose to receive a check from LMUD for the net balance. Absent such a choice, the monetary credit will be applied to the account. Any Renewable Energy Credits associated with energy purchased by LMUD through the provisions of this section will be the property of LMUD.
  5. Partial Requirements Provider. The customer-generator agrees to take all supplemental electric service (i.e., supplemental to power from the qualifying solar or wind generation) from LMUD. In no event shall the customer use additional self-generation (except emergency back-up), co-generation, or electricity wheeled from any other source without the consent of LMUD.
  6. Rules and Regulations. Other conditions, as specified in LMUD’s Rules and Regulations, shall apply to this Rate Schedule.
Net Metering Applicability

This schedule is applicable on a first-come, first-served basis up to a total of 5% of LMUD’s aggregate customer peak load as of the end of the previous fiscal year. This schedule is available to residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers where a part or all of the electrical requirements of the customer can be supplied from a solar or wind power production source owned and operated by the customer (customer-generator). Customer-generators must currently be receiving service (or be eligible for service) under LMUD’s rate schedules 1010, 1011, 1020, 1021, 1023, 1024, 1025, 1026, 1030, and 1070, or their successors.

The solar or wind generation source must:

  1. Not exceed a capacity of one megawatt
  2. Be located on the customer-generator's premises
  3. Be connected for parallel operation with LMUD’s distribution facilities
  4. Be intended for the sole purpose of offsetting a part or all of the customer-generator's own electrical requirements. In no case shall the power or energy generated by the customer-owned solar or wind source be available for resale, except as specified under this Schedule.

Additional terms and conditions for service, including terms of interconnection and parallel operation, are specified in a customer-specific Interconnection and Purchase Agreement for Net Energy Metering, a copy of which is available at the LMUD office or on our web site. The form of this contract may change from time to time.

This service is available throughout LMUD's entire service area where the retail electric services of LMUD:

  1. Are available
  2. Are of adequate capacity to serve
  3. Are adjacent to the premises

Applicability of this tariff does not extend to customers whose solar or wind power source exceeds one megawatt.

Net Metering Purpose

The purpose of this schedule is to establish rates, terms, and conditions for providing net energy metering service to residential, commercial, and agricultural customers generating electricity using solar and wind facilities. This schedule complies with California State legislation requiring every electric utility in the state, including municipally-owned utilities, to develop a standard contract or tariff providing for net energy metering, as defined below.