SIR Rates

A 20% discount on pertinent rates (as defined in the District’s Rate Schedules) will be applied to accounts meeting the above criteria. The discount shall be adjusted in direct proportion to any future rate changes imposed by the District.

SIR Rate

Lands within the “applicable” areas as set forth above located within LMUD territory.

SIR Applicability

This tariff is applicable to all meters located upon and within Susanville Indian Rancheria jurisdictional lands immediately north of the City of Susanville, and any additional lands in such areas that SIR may acquire. The discount will not apply to SIR lands which exceed SIR’s yearly allocation of 0.103% of the base resource from Western Area Power Administration. This discount will become effective with the January 1, 2005 cycle billing and remain in effect during the term of Contract Number 00-SNR-00372 between the Susanville Indian Rancheria and Western Area Power Administration and the term of Contract Number 00-SNR00472 between Susanville Indian Rancheria, Lassen Municipal Utility District, and Western Area Power Administration, subject to the discretion of LMUD.