Apply for New Service

Applications for Service are available as indicated below:


By signing this application, you are entering into an agreement that LMUD provide your electric service and accept our rules and regulations.

In addition to completing the service application LMUD requires proof of property ownership or a completed, signed, valid copy of the rental or lease agreement for the property where electric service is being requested.

LMUD can generally provide next day service if arrangements are made before 4 p.m. However, to assure that your service is connected when you need it, please make arrangements several days ahead.

Please take the time to provide all requested information to ensure that your request can be expedited quickly. Prior to receiving electric service the customer shall provide LMUD with one of the following means of ensuring payment:

  • Confirmation and acceptance of credit history through verification with one or more of the major credit reporting agencies.
  • If credit history is not acceptable, or cannot be verified, customer will be required make a deposit:
    • For residential accounts, deposit equal to two-months average consumption (or estimated consumption based on design of service) with a minimum of $200.00.
    • For non-residential accounts, deposit equal to two months average consumption (or estimated consumption based on design of service) .
    •  Approval of waiver of cash deposit or equivalent is exclusively within the discretion of LMUD.
    • At the end of twelve consecutive billing cycles where payment is received on time, the deposit will be applied to the account. If the account is closed prior to one year, the deposit will be applied to the closing statement and any credit balance will be refunded by check.

You may fax or mail your completed application along with a copy of your current, valid drivers license to our Customer Service Department. Please allow 5 days for mailing.

LMUD may disconnect or refuse to provide service to the applicant if the acts of the applicant or the conditions upon the customer’s premises indicate that false, incomplete, or inaccurate information was provided to LMUD. LMUD shall provide the applicant the reason for such refusal. Individual Liability for Joint Service: Two or more parties who join in one application for service shall be jointly and severally liable thereunder and shall be billed by means of single monthly bills. Whether or not the utility obtained a joint application for service, where two or more adults are living in the same residence, they shall be jointly and severally liable for bills for energy supplied.