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Residential Rebates:
If its time to purchase a new refrigerator, dishwasher, clothes washer or water heater, Lassen MUD offers rebates for the purchase and installation of EnergyStar® appliances and energy efficient electric water heaters. Depending on the age of your old appliances, you could realize significant savings. Just by replacing your 10 year old refrigerator with and EnergyStar® compliant model you could reduce your energy bill by $63 a year! To see exactly how much energy you could save click on the EnergyStar refrigerator replacement calculator.


Heating and Cooling:
Heating and cooling accounts for the majority of energy used in your home, choosing an efficient heating and cooling system can save hundreds of dollars a year. Lassen MUD offers a variety of rebate programs on several types of systems.


Residential Lighting Rebates:
Did you know that by replacing your existing incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient LEDs you can reduce the cost of lighting your home by 25% or more? In addition to the savings, you may also be eligible for rebates from Lassen MUD to offset the cost of replacement.