Distributed/Customer Generation

bridge in forestAs of January 1, 2019, Lassen Municipal Utility District’s (LMUD’s) net meter capacity has been met – therefore, we are no longer accepting applications for net-metered energy systems.

Customers who wish to install generation, such as wind or solar, are subject to LMUD’s Distributed /Customer Generation Rate.

Please direct any questions regarding customer generation to Theresa Phillips, LMUD’s Public Relations Manager, at (530) 257-4174.

Distributed Generation Rate Schedule

Distributed Generation Applicability

This schedule is applicable to all electric service locations that have permanently installed distributed generation on the customer side of the meter and where the customer does not qualify for net-metering under the policies of the District. This rate schedule will work in conjunction with the rate schedule that would normally apply to the customer in the absence of distributed generation (hereinafter referred to as the Base Rate Schedule).

Under this rate schedule, all electricity exported through the LMUD revenue meter will be tracked separately and credited to the customer’s account at the Avoided Cost Rate established by the District’s Board of Directors in Resolution 2011-05, or as amended from time to time.

Distributed Generation Rate

The entire territory of LMUD.

Facility Charge

  • Per meter, per month
  • As per Base Rate Schedule (adjusted 2/15)

Commodity Charge

  • All kilowatt-hour (kWh) received, per kWh
  • As per Base Rate Schedule

Reimbursement Credit

  • All kWh exported, per kWh
  • $0.055 per kWh
Distributed Generation Special Conditions

Customer must apply for and execute an interconnection agreement with the District prior to interconnecting any generation resource. Customer must comply with all applicable rules in the District’s Service Policy for interconnection of behind-the-meter generators.