Manager’s Message – April 2022

Keep Electrical Safety in Mind This Spring

Spring is here, and we are all looking forward to getting outside to enjoy the weather. That may include projects around your home, ranch or business. As you go forward with planned projects, I encourage everyone to be aware of safety.

If your project involves digging for footings, sidewalks, driveways, putting in fenceposts, or making underground connections to water or gas lines, always call 811 before you dig. Calling 48 hours in advance will ensure that Lassen Municipal Utility District and other utilities will be notified and sent out to mark electric, cable, gas, water lines, and other services. This is a free service used by utilities across the United States. And remember, planning your job early gives time to ensure everyone’s safety.

When working outside, always look up for overhead utilities and electrical lines. If you have heavy equipment that can reach overhead lines, be careful to identify their location to everyone on your job site. This includes anyone working with ladders, long sections of pipe, or extending handle tools. If electrical conductors can be reached with one of these tools, making contact with them can be fatal. Stop, look and think around overhead lines.

In springtime, property owners with long fence lines may need to burn vegetation. Please be aware that wood power poles will burn if not protected. These poles must be safeguarded so electrical service is not interrupted, and damage is avoided. Keep in mind that if you cause damage to a pole, you may be responsible for the cost to replace that pole or pole line. Take time to clear vegetation around poles to bare ground before starting a fence line fire to burn weeds and grass.

Take your time when planning jobs this spring and take time to ensure everyone’s safety. Enjoy this beautiful time of year and all our beautiful community offers!

Pat Holley
General Manager