LMUD Board Votes Unanimously to Continue Skedaddle Substation Project

July 28, 2021.
The Lassen MUD board of directors met on Tuesday, July 27 for their regular monthly meeting. One of the hot topics of discussion was the Skedaddle Substation/NV Energy intertie project.
Due to construction cost concerns, the board voted at the May 27 meeting to pause the project for 60 days. After much public comment and input in support of the project, the board voted unanimously to lift the pause and proceed with construction. It is projected that the project will be completed sometime in 2024, with an estimated cost in excess of 50 million dollars.
The Skedaddle Substation project will eliminate LMUD's dependency on our current connection to the grid via PG&E's Caribou transmission line. It will also lessen our reliance on Honey Lake Power and give us a stable, sustainable connection to our power supply.
The LMUD board of directors meets every fourth Tuesday of the month at 5:30pm in the LMUD board room located at 65 S. Roop Street. The public is invited to attend and public comment is always welcome.