LMUD Offers Electric Vehicle Rebates

If you are considering an electric vehicle, remember LMUD EV rebates can save you money. Adobe Stock photo by Raulynn

Electric vehicles may seem like the latest fad, but did you know the first electric cars were developed in the late 1890s? It wasn’t until the 1920s that gas-powered vehicles took over the market. With longer range and faster speeds, gas vehicles replaced any hope for a viable electric alternative, so electric vehicles took their place in the history books and was thought to be a thing of the past. That has changed.

In 1997, Toyota was the first automaker to overcome the many engineering challenges faced by modern electric vehicles. Its hybrid Prius was mass-marketed and touted as the answer to gas-powered vehicles.

Fast forward to today. Electric vehicles range from SUVs and pickups to luxury cars and basic bare-bones models. Hybrids— which use a mix of batteries and gasoline—have given way to true plug-in electric vehicles.

Of course, there are concerns with electric vehicles: “How much do they cost?” “Where can I plug in my car?” “How do EVs perform in cold weather?” “How far can I go without recharging?”

Lassen Municipal Utility District (LMUD) recently partnered with Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative and the Center for Sustainable Energy to present an informational webinar that addresses these questions and more. If you are interested in learning more about EVs and you missed the webinar, you can view the presentation on YouTube. The link can be found on our Lassen Facebook page.

As part of LMUD’s commitment to emerging technology, the district added a $500 rebate for customers who buy a qualifying new or used plug-in electric vehicle. Complete program details are available on LMUD’s website. Click on the Rebate Center link. You can always call our public relations and energy services manager during regular business hours at (530) 257-4174.