Manager’s Message – July 2022

Decision Made Regarding the Hayden Hill Transmission Line

Many years ago, Lassen Municipal Utility District (LMUD) bought the Hayden Hill transmission line from Lassen Gold Mining Inc. The intention was to find a way to reuse or transfer the line to another party that could put the line to use.

Since then, LMUD has sought to minimize the financial impact to our ratepayers by working on alternative uses for the line. These alternatives have been thoroughly reviewed and determined not to be viable. This included evaluating possible uses for the line allowed within the approved reclamation plan. This effort was supported by Surprise Valley Electrification Corp., and it was acknowledged that a number of permits and approvals would be necessary. These challenges proved difficult and required a great deal of technical work and coordination with Surprise Valley, which operates in the Hayden Hill area.

In the final analysis, the LMUD Board of Directors and management determined the effort was too complex and costly. Now that these alternatives have been reviewed, it is time to move forward with removing the line. This will involve normal line work used for maintenance and repair, such as removing wire conductors and poles. We expect this work to proceed as contractors are selected. The schedule will be based on their availability and may be done over a period of one to two years.

LMUD seeks to manage all our projects, resources, and finances in a way that provides the greatest benefit—and most reasonable cost—to our ratepayers. There are many important projects in the budget for the coming year, including improving the power supply line to the Shaffer Mountain communication site that serves our county and constructing an interconnection to NV Energy for a more reliable power supply to LMUD and our customers.

In all these projects, LMUD works diligently to accomplish the most reliable design and installation at the most reasonable cost. Please feel free to contact LMUD at (530) 257-4174, or attend our public meetings held on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. at 65 South Roop Street.

Pat Holley
General Manager