Manager’s Message – June 2022

LMUD Workforce is Key to Our Success

Lassen Municipal Utility District has a team of employees who work every day with the goal of providing the best possible customer service and electric power services to our customers. To accomplish this, we have the business office management and staff and the operations management and staff.

The business side of LMUD consists of a dedicated group of customer service, accounting and finance, meter specialist, information technology and public relations/ energy services employees. The operations side consists of a dedicated group of lineworkers, utilitymen and laborers, warehouse workers, new service and staking technicians, meter repair and installation, and administrative support employees.

Reporting directly to me, LMUD’s general manager, are the business manager, operations manager and administrative services/HR manager.

The interesting fact about LMUD is our team covers a service territory of more than 1,900 square miles, or 1,216,000 acres. In comparison, the city of Los Angeles is only 503 square miles. So if you make a call to report problems with your service anywhere in our service territory—from Wendel to Westwood to Eagle Lake—we will respond that day and usually within an hour or two to repair or restore your service. To do this every day around the clock, it takes a lot of equipment, personnel, sophisticated electrical parts, detailed training, experience and a safety awareness second to none. Even in adverse conditions— such as bad weather or wildfires—we still take every step possible to restore service and keep the power flowing to your home or business.

As a thank-you to our employees, we held our annual Employee Appreciation Celebration on May 12. We take this opportunity to recognize and thank our employees. 6 of them were presented with awards for their respective service of 5, 10 and 15 years. We also honored 2 outstanding employees, as the LMUD Employee of the Year: Marcus Wright, staking technician and Darren Hill, IT technician, as 2022 and 2021 Employee of the Year, respectively.

Every employee at LMUD has specialized skills and experience that contribute to the success of our organization. A quote from Warren Buffet about employees says it all: “Just pick a person to admire and ask why you admire them,” he said. “Usually, it is because they are generous, decent, kind people, and those are the kind of people to emulate.”

We hope LMUD lives up to this goal. When you need support or information about your electric service you can reach us by phone at (530) 257-4174 or email us.

Pat Holley
General Manager