Power Poles are Not Sign Posts

Lassen Municipal Utility District line crews regularly climb poles. Whenever people hang signs on the poles with tacks or nails or use poles for other purposes, it can be dangerous for line crews. Even though a sign may have been removed from a pole, the nails can remain and tear or crack a lineworker’s glove, causing exposure to electric current. If the lineworker should slip, serious lacerations and injury can occur.

Placing posters or promotional material on public or private property without permission is unlawful. This includes power poles. Please remember:

  • While this sign is cute, hanging it from a power pole is illegal and creates a danger for our lineworkers. Please do not attach things to power poles. Adobe Stock photo by Grandbrothers
    Do not hang signs or nail objects to the pole. The nails or staples could cause lineworkers to slip when they climb the pole.
  • Do not hang birdhouses, basketball hoops, or antennas on power poles. Line crews will have great difficulty climbing around them, creating a hazard. They may cause a lineworker to slip or fall.
  • Do not attach fences to the pole or take dirt from around the pole.
  • Please use common sense around utility poles.