Automated Meter Infrastructure System

As part of our long-term, system improvement plan, LMUD is implementing an Automated Meter Infrastructure system (AMI.)

With all of the options available to electric utilities and their customers, LMUD has researched and studied this technology, carefully weighing the options with a goal of ultimately choosing a system that has been proven to be safe, reliable and efficient.

There may be questions or concerns from our customers regarding this type of technology. We have provided answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Why is LMUD switching to the new meters?
There are many benefits to implementing AMI;  shorter outage response times and power restoration, system reliability and load balancing, elimination of line loss resulting in more efficient use of electricity, increased efficiency for line and field personnel, decreased costs in vehicle time and maintenance, high bill complaint resolution tools, pre-pay services options, customer controlled energy efficiency analysis, reduced employee injuries, especially in areas with fenced yards, dogs and inaccessible meters.

How do the new meters work?
The meters, known as TWACS, Two-way Automated Communication System, uses powerline carrier technology, (not Radio Frequency(RF) or Wireless) to send a signal to the LMUD office. Signals are typically sent four times a day for less than eight seconds per transmission.

Are these Smart Meters?
The TWACS meters are, by industry standards, considered smart meters. However, LMUD has chosen not to use most of the features that define a smart meter. We refer to the meters as AMI, to avoid confusion, so you most likely will not hear our staff refer to the meters as smart meters.

What type of information do the new meters record?
The meter records electricity use, the number of times the meter has experienced a loss of power for any reason, instantaneous voltage and if the meter has been tampered with.

Are the meters secure?
Security is of paramount importance to LMUD. The information that is being relayed by the meters is stored on a secure server on site at the LMUD office. The information and will only be used for allowable utility purposes. LMUD, as always, is committed to protecting customer information.

Will LMUD be able to control what is going on in my home?
No. This is another potential function of the meters that LMUD has chosen not to implement. LMUD will not have control over the appliances in hour home. The utility will not be using the meters to “load shed” during high usage periods by turning off water heaters, air conditioners etc.

Who is installing the new meters? 
LMUD has contracted with National Metering to do the initial installation. They can be easily identified with LMUD issued ID badges and clearly marked vehicles. Each customer who receives a meter will be notified by door hanger. If the meter technician is unable to access the meter at your home or business, you will receive a door hanger with instructions to contact LMUD to make arrangements to allow us access to the meter.

Will this new meter cause an increase in my electric bill?
The new meters will accurately measure the amount of electricity used. The meters won’t cause your bill to increase, unless the meter you currently have is no longer accurate. Customers will be billed fairly for the electricity they use. If you have questions about your bill please contact LMUD’s customer service department by clicking here                                                                                     L

Is there an opt-out program?
LMUD does not offer an opt-out program. As always, we are available to speak to customers regarding any questions or concerns about the TWACS meters.