Manager’s Message — March 2022

Moving Forward on LMUD Projects

There are several major projects Lassen Municipal Utility District (LMUD) has been working toward completing. These projects will increase our system reliability and grid connectivity. As we near the end of the first quarter of 2022, progress is being made.

The Skedaddle Substation Project

This is the largest, most ambitious, and most significant project in LMUD’s history. The Skedaddle Substation will allow LMUD to interconnect with NV Energy through the Reno/Alturas transmission line. This is a large, reliable 345,000-volt line. By comparison, our current transmission lines are 60,000 volts. The substation will convert, or “step down,” the higher voltage to 60,000 volts, allowing us to deliver energy to our customers. Funding for this project is largely through a board-approved municipal bond. NV Energy, our project partner, will construct a switchyard to provide power to the substation. This portion of the project will be paid for over time through LMUD payments for fixed transmission and service rates.

Interconnection with another utility is a large and complex undertaking, requiring years of planning and engineering. We expect the project to begin construction in the next few months. We will first construct an access road, and then begin ordering major equipment. Components for substation construction are expected to be delivered and installed in 2023 to 2024. Once construction is complete, instrumentation and electronics will be installed and testing will be conducted and the substation will become operational toward the end of 2024.

Other Important Projects

Wildfire resiliency is a top priority for LMUD. As part of our commitment to improving the fire resistance of our transmission line rights-of-way, LMUD has applied for funding to help us reach our goals. The funds will allow us to widen our rights-of-way, improving the resistance of our lines from fire damage.

Upgrade of our power supply lines for critical communication towers on Shaffer Mountain will be constructed this year. The existing line is outdated, and the last mile is located at the top of the mountain in difficult terrain, subject to severe weather. A portion of the line will be placed underground to allow for easier maintenance and make the line weather resistant.

As electric vehicles become more prevalent, LMUD is exploring how this technology will affect our local grid. We are in the process of applying for a state-funded grant to install several electric vehicle charging stations. If our grant application is successful, our plan is to install stations that would attract travelers and tourists, as well as provide a benefit to local residents. If you are interested in buying an electric vehicle and installing a charging station at your home, LMUD has programs that can help. Contact our Energy Services Department at (855) 516-2105.

I will continue to keep you updated on the status of these projects and other important, utility-related issues.

Pat Holley
General Manager