Planned Westwood Outage Complete

August 27, 2021: 12:45pm
The transition back to Honey Lake Power for the Westwood\Pinetown\Coppervale area is complete.
Please report any outages by calling the office at 530-257-4174.
August 27, 2021: 10:40am
LMUD crews have completed repairs on one of the two transmission lines between Susanville and Westwood. Between 12:30pm and 1:30pm today Westwood\Pinetown\Coppervale and surrounding areas will experience a brief outage (planned less than 15 minutes) while crews work to transition those areas from the PG&E Hat Creek line back to Honey Lake Power.
Hamilton Mountain will remain without power; crews are still working to assess damages when fire conditions allow.
August 26, 2021: 1:50pm
Power to Westwood remains on. PG&E has notified LMUD that the Dixie Fire has slowed a bit and that the Hat Creek Line has remained energized. Due to erratic fire behavior the Hat Creek Line could, once again be threatened and subject to de-energization. As with yesterday's update, if the line is de-energized, Westwood and the surrounding communities would experience an extended outage.
LMUD crews have been working double shifts to repair the damaged poles between Westwood and Susanville. Repairs are expected to be completed within 24 to 36 hours. As soon as repairs are made, LMUD will transfer the Westwood power load to our system, disconnecting from the Hat Creek line. This transfer of service will cause Westwood to experience a short 30 to 40 minute outage. Before the outage occurs, LMUD will notify customers via text alert, Facebook and our website.


August 25, 2021: 4:00pm

PG&E has notified LMUD that, due to current fire conditions which are threatening the Hat Creek transmission line, the community of Westwood may experience an extended power outage.

LMUD’s transmission lines between Susanville and Westwood suffered fire damage on Wednesday, August 18th. Since then, LMUD has been supplying power to Westwood via the Hat Creek line. Crews are working to repair our facilities as quickly as possible, however, if the Hat Creek line is de-energized, there is no way for LMUD to supply power to Westwood until our repairs are completed. Residents should prepare for an outage that could last several days.

At this time, we are asking residents to take whatever precautions or actions they deem necessary to prepare for an extended outage. De-energization is not imminent, but it is possible. We will continue to update customers as information becomes available.